My Endo is SAVAGE. I walked into our appointment today and first thing he says is, “You’ve gained weight.”

Uhm I knoooooooow this. Kinda due to out of control anxiety due to C 1 9 and how the world has LOST THEIR MIND and how people think they can remove my choice over my body, etc.

But today was hard as I had to say goodbye to him. Changing insurance because money. Life is so weird sometimes. But even more so with 2 Rare Diseases. More soon. 🎄🎁🎅🏻🤶

4 thoughts on “Savage

  1. It is never good for someone to talk about our weight gain, even if we have. I haven’t met my goal yet, because I stopped dieting to eat fruit cake! I gained 3 pounds that now I have to lose. My goal was down to only having to lose 7 pounds more. I am disappointed, in one way, but this is the Christmas season, and this particular fruitcake is wonderful. I don’t eat other fruitcakes unless I am tasting them. I love sweet, but I also love the fruit, if it is done right. I respect those who are cooking today. Their efforts are wonderful. I have been on the web long enough. I must make those pies now.

    • Oh no, it’s actually OK. I should have clarified a bit more. This doctor and I go way back; he’s been with me for almost 10 years. Since right after my DX of CS and all the other ups and downs I have experienced since then. He’s one of the most incredible doctors who have ever been on my team. He is always supportive and listens to ME, the patient. He asks me what I *NEED and what I *WANT. He was such a blessing and I am sad to lose him!

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